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Welcome, I’m Libby Scofield and I’m a movement teacher. I’ve been teaching movement since 2006, first, as a Pilates instructor and now as a Nutritious Movement ™ Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES) and MovNat Level 1 Trainer.

I’ve had the good fortune to train with great teachers who are Yogis, Biomechanists, Functional Movement teachers, Nutrition and Coaching specialists, Foot health specialists, and more.  When I work with clients I’m working from a deep toolbox of skills acquired through broadening my own understanding of how and why humans move, how we can change our bodies and our minds through movement, and why movement is so important. 

My business is named FORM.  FORM is an acronym for Functional Observable Restorative Movement.  

This name resonates with me.  Human bodies evolved with movement.   Movement was required to survive, to eat, to have shelter, to find clean water.  Today we regard movement as something we do to offset our eating and sitting habits.  We call it exercise. Human movement is much more than exercise.  Moving all day, in varying positions and durations is required for our bodies to function optimally.  When I teach movements, I am teaching you FUNCTIONAL movements.  Movements that will increase lost ranges of motion and address muscular imbalances that may arise from repetitive movement patterns, or sedentary patterns that no longer serve your needs.

We all want to move better and feel better. Sometimes we aren’t sure whether something is helping us or not.  I teach mindful observation skills so that you can become your own movement detective. Once you begin to have self-awareness, the changes you create in the moment and over time are OBSERVABLE.

Even in my very first training, Pilates, I specialized in Pre-hab/Rehab.  I found helping people move better made me really happy. So while I've worked with people at both ends of the health spectrum and everything in between, I really enjoy teaching clients how to move better in order to free themselves from painful movement patterns and work towards healthy, pain-free movement. So RESTORATIVE work has always been my specialty but becoming a Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES) taught me even better skills at breaking movement down to the components to make it easier for clients to understand and work on. The work itself continues to be my best teacher. Restoring lost ranges of motion, restoring healthy movement, and restoring hope is what I love. I teach people to create lasting change in  themselves and that’s incredibly empowering.  I’ve worked with clients from 10 to 93-years-old, clients with major medical issues, elite athletes, and pretty much everything in between. And you know what? They all benefited from restorative exercises. Restorative work really and truly is for everyone.

I teach MOVEMENT. You already know how to move, let me help you find out how to move BETTER. Human movement is more than exercise.  Human movement is getting up out of bed, performing kitchen and household tasks, caring for children, folding laundry, pruning the hedge, taking a walk with a friend, dancing at a wedding, and planting a garden.  This list is infinite and only defined by one’s lifestyle and goals.  As humans we do better and feel better when we are engaging and moving more of our bodies, more often.  Movement is at the core of health.


Conditions which may be improved through FORM:

· Plantar Fasciitis

· Flat feet, over pronation

· Diastasis Recti

· Knee Osteoarthritis

· Osteoarthritis of the hip

· Shoulder issues

· Low back pain

· Neck pain

· Knee Pain

· Pelvis and low back issues

· Bunions

· Hernias

The ways in which we move, or do not move our bodies can have noticeable and long-term effects. Moving more, moving more of your parts, and learning to observe your movement can make positive and lasting change a reality.


About Me

My background


I'm a movement instructor with over a decade of experience working with clients who are old, young, injured, athletic and everything in between. I use my background in Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training and Restorative Exercise to meet each client's individual needs. 

How I got started


I found Pilates in 2000 and noticed how much stronger, more flexible and well balanced I felt. I completed my Pilates certification in 2006 and I continue to educate myself in a variety of modalities in order to better serve my clients and satisfy my curiosity. I'm currently certified in multiple modalties and use all of my training to inform my work with clients.

My approach


I work with clients to assess their goals, create a plan of action, and teach durable and sustainable skills that translate into better functionality and quality of life. Functional, observable, restorative, movement. Move more, move more of you.

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